2017 m. vasario 3 d., penktadienis

Hand made scrapbook pre made scrabook/ kudikio piesiekimų pirmųjų metų albumas/ baby first year albums

Hand made, pre decorated  album for boys.



Album is 20x20 cm ring bind. About 8"x8"

Album covers are made from book board and cotton or linen, decorated with highest quality label with lettering. Any Lettering can be addet upon request, just write in coment exact fraze.

There are 12 sheets of 300gsm cardstok sheets. Acid and lining free. Every page is decorated with paint splashes and die cutes. There are a month tag for every month and also 6 dividers witch You can use for aditional writings.Also there are a handmade envelope for your treasures. .

Album cover made from cardboars covered with natural linen and coton fabrics, label is paper print sewed on.

Comes in a nice box.

Please contact me before ordering. We will arange all clours :)



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